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Entrepreneur and SME Access to Finance2022-04-15T14:33:34-04:00
LixCap supports economic growth programs for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Our team excels at addressing business knowledge and operational gaps so that these impactful drivers of growth can realize long-term sustainability.

SME advisory

Drawing on our exceptional depth of experience with entrepreneurs in frontier and emerging markets, we provide comprehensive SME advisory. We develop tailored workshops and deliver training curriculums in relevant subject matters for a diverse range of audiences, from micro-businesses to established, large companies. Our proven approach has helped catalyze direct investment and other financial support for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and incubators/accelerators.

Investment and access to finance for enterprise creation

LixCap routinely provides investment and implementation support to mobilize private capital and engage both donors and the public sector. Whether greenfield or brownfield, LixCap understands how to articulate opportunities for private sector capital deployment and management efficiency. We provide support for the entire lifecycle of enterprise creation.Return to other services