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Agribusiness and Cold Chain Logistics2022-04-15T14:33:34-04:00
LixCap promotes agricultural development by enabling sustainable solutions for the agribusiness sector. We work with clients across the globe to identify, design, and implement food logistics interventions that link market actors, from smallholder farmers to food retailers.

Cold chain infrastructure assessment and trade-related investment

Real asset development is critical to building linkages in global supply chains. We build partnerships with local and regional actors to ensure that comparative strengths are used towards common objectives. Cold chain asset development is a crucial step in acquiring food security, reducing food loss, driving value-added agricultural production, and growing trade linkages.

LixCap’s experience with food trade infrastructure includes an investment analysis in Kenya, investment promotion in Cambodia, and the development of a logistics hub in northern Morocco. We have deep knowledge of the cold chain’s importance in facilitating international agricultural trade.

Designing innovative agribusiness financing models

LixCap creates financing mechanisms that increase access to finance for agribusiness operators. Recent work includes the scoping of a combined risk capital and technical assistance structure and facilitating technical assistance design and direct investment from development finance institutions with a local financial institution covering agricultural SMEs. Return to other services