Financing energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy investments for private companies in Morocco.


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Developed success on initial EUR 80 million line of financing and had the project extended for another EUR 30 million.

SMEs in emerging markets desire the ability to adopt renewable energy technologies and reduce energy consumption, but this is often beyond their capability. In response to this need, the Moroccan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MorSEFF) supports loans and technical assistance to Moroccan SMEs and local financial institutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy investment.

LixCap provides local project management and administrative services to DAI Europe, Ltd. as Prime Contract to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). LixCap principals assisted with facilitating the initial Partner Financial Institution closing with a local bank, BMCE, , for EUR 20 million to launch the overall EUR 80 million facility.

Since official launch of lending in June 2015, MorSEFF has twice been expanded and extended, from EUR 80 million to EUR 110 million and again to EUR 130 million in 2018. The implementing program consortium as MorSEFF Project Consultant, DAI Europe Ltd, LixCap and Africa Climate Solutions, was reconfirmed to manage the extension and selected to implement the upcoming Green Economy Financing Facilities for Morocco.